After 14 years, Round Corner Cantina is evolving to Esquina Cantina...


…still the same Cantina
you know and love.

Cantina Air view of cocktail

…still the same Cantina you know and love.

An homage to traditional dishes from Oaxaca to Todos Santos, Esquina Cantina has taken its
guests on a journey through regional Mexican cuisine since 2009 when it first occupied the
Round Corner Hotel & Bar

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Inside the iconic Round Corner Hotel & Bar building in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood lives the Esquina Cantina, or simply “the Cantina” as the neighborhood has referred to it since its birth in 2009. Originally built and opened in 1864, the hotel bar has been hosting guests continuously since that time. Esquina Cantina channels the past while preserving the future of this landmark property.

Carefully selected single-origin heirloom masa varietals go into each and every tortilla, sope, tetela, tamale or tostada. Centuries-old multi-generational family-owned farms throughout Oaxaca cultivates the indigenous varietals of maize that are at the heart of Esquina Cantina

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Rooted in agave spirits predominately from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco and Oaxaca, Cantina’s bar program showcases the agave terroirs of not only Mezcal and Tequila producers, but also Pechuga, Raicilla, Sotol and Bacanora – some of the lesser-known but equally exciting
distillates from Mexico’s various beloved agave varietals.